telecom industry consistently ranks Jul 28th, 2021   [viewed 43 times]
If there’s one feeling consumers have grown familiar with in their dealings with the telecom industry, it is – by all accounts – frustration. There’s just something about waiting for the cable guy to show up some time between noon and 6 p.m. to fix your internet connection only to have him arrive late and leave with the issue unresolved. It’s the same old song and dance, which is probably why the telecom industry consistently ranks as one of the most hated by consumers. And now, with a pandemic raging across much of the world unchecked, waiting for the cable guy isn’t even an option. If a router goes down or the Wifi gets glitchy, consumers can’t even sit and wait around for a technician. In fact, a January 2021 survey by TechSee, a technology provider to some of the world’s biggest telecoms, found that 65 percent of consumers would rather avoid technician visits unless absolutely necessary. What’s more, 60 percent would consider ceasing business with a company following a technician visit that did not meet their safety expectations. Pandemic or not, though, waiting for a tech is becoming a thing of the past. And that’s very much welcomed news by the vast majority of the internet and cable-loving population. Contactless Service by Telecoms The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the rapid acceleration of technology adoption by some of the world’s largest telecom companies. Companies searching for ways to provide effective and fast contactless service have found a little bit of secret sauce in augmented reality (AR). Most recently, Verizon and Vodafone have started experimenting with the technology. Consumers, for their part, seem to be overjoyed.The introduction of AR has brought a visual element to the table that is the key to successful contactless interactions with customers. This is quickly becoming a visual transformation in telecom, comprising of three core elements: More info: what is f5