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Although the increasing shift toward digital capabilities had necessitated the availability of seamless connectivity, the progress in the area of 5G and related technologies was underwhelming. However, the sudden need for practically shifting the entire working and learning population to remote conditions has resulted in an astounding amount of development in the telecom sector. Major telco companies are now actively investing in expanding their 5G capabilities. With the ‘remote’ culture now expected to remain prominent in the next normal, a few of the telco services providers are also exploring the arena of 6G connectivity. In the pre-pandemic world, the global industries were probably walking to reach their digital destination. But the COVID-19 outbreak has compelled them to sprint, jump, and somersault to achieve digital excellence as soon as they can. And certainly, telecom sector has kept up the pace too for delivering the network connectivity demands of the world. More info: computer service At this point, it is not possible to predict the timeline for the return of normalcy. But, looking at the way the world has adapted to the remote scenario, it is safe to say that the telecommunications sector has to work harder toward building smarter, safer, and stronger solutions. Let us explore some of the technologies that are expected to dominate the telecom industry in the coming year and possibly in the post-pandemic era. In 2021, T-mobile will extend its fast 5G services across the nation. The company has promised that their network will blanket an area covering almost 200 million people by the end of next year. Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s president for technology, recently spoke to Fortune – “We’re off to the races and came out of the blocks super quick. We’re now adding on top of that (more of the spectrum) we secured in the combination with Sprint. That’s moving really, really fast. Thousands of sites on air today, thousands in construction, and thousands more ready to go into construction.” More info: Polycom VOIP Phones