business strategy will become inevitable Jul 8th, 2021   [viewed 4 times]
UX designers will be required to— and they should— understand more about the business they are designing for. The design field is maturing, and along with it, budgets are getting larger, which is why the design landscape is gradually becoming a lot more competitive, as well as complex. One of the latest UX trends of 2018 involves an accelerated shift from UX design to Product Design. For this very reason, the roles and responsibilities of designers will begin to grow, and the need for designers to understand more about design, as well as business strategy will become inevitable. Unlike 2017, wherein UX designers struggled with entrepreneurs when it came down to adopting a design-first approach for a digital product. This however, will change this year— in fact, it has already begun to. UX designers have started to wear different hats— not just the design hat; UX design practices of 2018 also includes re-engineering, and not just redesigning. A simple reason lies behind this— UX designers should be improving people’s lives with design, but these designs should also help meet business goals. Trending UX will prompt designers to be more strategic about features, screens, and experiences they create. And so, it’s about time designers accept the fact that they aren’t just artists, but are also business persons— it’s for the best, really. The popular apps of today and real-time social media experiences have made today’s consumers spoilt for choice, and have changed their expectations about how long it should take for products and services to deliver what they’re looking for. This is why, UX designers of 2018 will have to start designing for these consumers, who aren’t exactly the easiest lot to please. Let’s take a look at what these consumers look like: The Impatient Consumer Today, consumers are making decisions faster than ever, which is why they expect to be able to act on those decisions instantly— no waiting, whatsoever. Moreover, these consumers also expect brands to know what they need, and when they need it. More info: what is icnd