man-in-the-middle and DoS or DDoS attacks Jul 1st, 2021   [viewed 16 times]
Network security: As security threats and attacks on end-to-end networks constantly evolve, network security solutions can safeguard against illegal location tracking, spoofing, man-in-the-middle, and DoS or DDoS attacks. Through features like intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, and perimeter protection, they can ensure key network assets, services, and data in transit are protected 24×7. As the scope, variety, and complexity of threats increase exponentially and the volume of data transmissions swell, telecom frauds have become commonplace. As a mobile or telecom operator, if you want to protect your revenues and prevent your reputation from being tarnished, you need to take security threats seriously. This means partnering with an experienced telecom solution provider and embracing modern security solutions such as SMS and voice firewalls, network security solutions, and identity and access management solutions to easily detect threats and make your communication networks extremely resilient. This will become crucial to protecting revenues as the digital world marches onward on the back of telecom networks. In the last three decades, the telecommunication industry has evolved dramatically – from analog telephone lines to digital quad+ play mobile service providers. Today, the telecommunication sector is entering the 5G landscape promising unmatched connectivity and bandwidth. Technology evolution has spiked the range of available opportunities as well as competition, and unfortunately, malpractices too. Cybercrimes are on the rise as vulnerabilities get exposed. Telecom frauds have become commonplace and need to be addressed on priority as estimates peg their cost at €29 billion per year. More info: field service technician